Sánchez-Piulachs Arquitectes SLP is an architecture firm that was founded in 1990 as the product of the collaboration between Dolors Piulachs i Riba and Manel Sanchez i Usero.

Our work has mainly been in the area of public works, in particular the construction of schools and health facilities and in transportation. Other important aspects of our work include restoration and detail works.

Involvement in large civil works projects requires close collaboration with engineering firms and other specialised professionals.  Through these partnerships we increase our professional repertoire and strengthen professional relationships.  

We are above all meticulous.  As our guiding principle, this attention to detail throughout the course of a project always ensures the best result: a quality product that strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality.

The team of professionals that make up Sánchez-Piulachs Arquitectes approaches each current project with an enthusiasm that motivates and inspires us for the next challenge.